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Right Side Trading is all about learning to accurately anticipate what the chart of a stock will do going forward. Hindsight is always 20/20. 
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Written by Wally Olopade April, 10th 2017
When NVDA first came on our radar at Right Side Trading, the price of NVDA was around the $35.53 range. At the time it wasn’t the price that mattered, far from it. And we didn’t know how much the stock will move...
Written by Wally Olopade April, 7th 2017
This was a question I was asked recently during a webinar I was on where I was talking about some stocks that seemed like they were showing some signs weakness. And that seems to be a common question for a lot of people...
Written by Wally Olopade April, 4th 2017
Last week, I heard on Mad Money that Cramer sees the chart of General Mills (GIS) looking ripe for a run. He explained that Larry Williams a legendary technician sees GIS could be poised for a rally. He showed the chart below...
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