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Earnings season is by far one of the most lucrative times in the stock market - if you know what to look for and how to trade it.  

If you have ever stressed about earnings season because of volatility or worried about how to invest in the stocks that will do well while at the same time staying away from the ones that will fall apart, then this course will help you by leaps and bounds.

We have detailed how to approach earning season in a way that helps you spot the winners and even recover from bad earnings results.  Yes, that's right, you heard that correctly, recover from bad earnings results.

After learning the strategies we use for earnings season trading, you will approach each earnings season completely differently and with more confidence.

​What You Will Learn in this Course:

> Using indicators to identify true earnings reversals versus false reversals

> Learn to see the next market trend ahead of time

> What you need to stay on the right side of your earnings trades

> Take advantage of huge earnings move with IPO stocks


> Take advantage of earnings upgrades and downgrades

> Trading and Investing during Earnings Season

> Dealing with good earnings results

> Recovering from bad earnings results

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