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How To Spot The Upcoming Bear and Bull Market BEFORE IT HAPPENS!!!
  •  3 EXCLUSIVE DAYS: Interactive days with Wally as he shares unique trading chart patterns and techniques that you can apply to your trading knowledge
  •  SIMPLIFIED STRATEGIES: Workshop includes ground-breaking chart patterns that help you identify winning stocks and how to avoid the losers
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Preview of Candlestick Analysis
"I am very happy again today I own WUBA and thank you for teaching me how to find it [IPO stock strategy]... And I am happier that I found it..." Val P.
  •  My 4 Most Profitable Candlesticks before a rally
  •  Two Most Powerful Candlesticks Combination
  •  The 3 Topping Candlesticks before a crash 
  •  Plus a new topping pattern I just discovered
- Description: The 4 Primary Candlesticks: Learn the only 4 candlesticks signals you will ever need to enter great trades and the 5 step approach to weeding out the weak ones from the strong ones. Then learn the 3 topping signals that preludes almost every single market crash since the Great Depression as well as many stock crashes including the infamous Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Sterns. Finally learn how to use a combination of the two most powerful candlesticks to always be on the right side of each of your trades.

February 5th - Morning Session

Master the 4 Primary Candlesticks that you will ever need to read and know when a stock is ready to rally. This will include my 5 step approach that will keep you out of the fake reversal candles that make so many traders lose confidence in candlesticks (you will have an advantage as many traders don’t even realize how easy and effective these candlesticks are) You’ll also see multiple examples of some really great rallies and how the setups were built using these Primary Candlesticks. Then learn how to scan for these setups daily, weekly and monthly.

February 5th - Afternoon Session

The Best Bullish setups and The Worst Bearish Market Crash Warnings: In this 2nd session of the day we will dive into some of the best market rallies and some stocks that rallied with extraordinary gains that is mind blowing and see how the charts can show you to spot others just like them ahead of time. Then I’ll show you how to see some of the biggest warning signs that a chart can definitely show you ahead of time before a market or a stock begins to crash. Then I’ll show you how to use candlesticks and chart reading skills to combine two of the strongest candlestick signals to spot some really good trades going forward.
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  • The best strategy for Short Selling Stocks poised for a crash
  •  Day Trading the NASDAQ (QQQ) the first 1hr of the market open 
  •  Volatility Trade: Using the VIX to know when volatility in the markets is over 
  •  Bear Market Case Studies of the Top 10 Greatest Market Crashes since 1929... 
  •  including the Great Depression, Black Monday of 1987, Dotcom Crash, and 2008 Financial Crisis
- Description: Strategies for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Short Selling in an uptrending market (Bullish Market) and downtrending market (Bearish Market)
See the CRASH before it happens!

February 6th - Morning Session

We’ll start the day with a Day-Trading strategy for trading the QQQs in the first hour of the market open. You’ll see how to use a very simple strategy and one chart indicator to help you capture just a small portion of the morning move BUT can put quick money in your bank account. Then we’ll go into some swing trading strategies that allows you to capture even more profits over a period of days. One of these strategies is so easy and consistent, that it took my 20 year old nephew less than 3 mins to identify profitable stocks...and he’s never even traded before.
Day Trading Strategy For Weekly Income           
Day Trading Strategy For Monthly Income           

February 6th - Afternoon Session

Swing Trading and Short Selling: In this 2nd session of the day we will be diving more into short selling strategies to use when a bear market comes around. 

We will discuss the warning signs that the market ALWAYS shows right before the market begins to top out and right before the reversal begins. 

We will go in more details into the 1929 Great Depression and how you can use candlesticks, chart analysis and specific strategies to not only avoid crashes of great magnitude but also profit from them. 

We will look into more market crashes such as the 1987 Oct Monday crash and how you could have avoided it, as well as the dotcom market crash and the 2008 market crash. 

Before the day is over, you’ll learn some powerful swing trading strategies that allow you to get into good trades consistently each and every week regardless of the market direction. 

And finally we will explore how to study volatility using charts to anticipate the end of it and beginning of market bottoms.
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  •  2018 Market Outlook: including sectors in Oil, Finance, Real Estate, Retail, Energy and the tops industries setting up for explosive moves in 2018
  •  What the charts have to say about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency rally and peak
  •  How to identify the next market crash GUARANTEED
- Description: A more advanced market analysis where Wally will teach you exactly how he uses his chart reading skills to see some of the best setups for the long term, from the market in general to sectors, industries and stocks.

February 7th - Morning Session

Market Outlook: We will start the morning by looking at the market outlook for 2018. But this time we will dig deeper and see charts, candlesticks and indicators as well. The goal here is to look more long range to see how the market plays out going forward. We will breakdown each sector and see which ones are showing great setups that will be important to pay attention too. We’ll look at Cyrptocurrency and Bitcoins and what the charts are saying about the future and how to profit from it. We’ll also look at sectors and emerging stocks in each sector such as the oil and energy, gold and precious metal, finance, transportation, technology, retail, currency, healthcare, and many more.

February 7th - Afternoon Session

On this second part of the day, we’ll be going over a couple really cool strategies that I usually reserve for my advanced courses. Wally will show you a simple easy to use plan he follows that anyone can immediately implement regardless of whether you have never traded before and just getting started or even if you are an advanced trader and looking to make more consistent trades, you’ll find this plan works.
Why we decided to avoid BitCoin for now
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  • VIX TRADE STRATEGY (video): How I can tell when volitilty is over
  • CANDLESTICK SIGNALS (video): My 5-Step Approach to trading candlesticks successfully
  • BOUNCING STOCKS (video): Secrets to generating weekly and monthly income every     2-6 weeks
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Meet Wally Olopade
Wally Olopade is regarded as a leading authority in charts and technical analysis in the stock market. His approach to chart reading has received rave reviews for being simple, really different and outstandingly effective. 
He's identified market moves AHEAD OF TIME such as...
  •  the crash of August 2015
  •  the post Brexit rally June 2016,
  •  the post U.S. Election rally of Nov 2016 
  •  major market bottoms in stocks such as AAPL, DIS, GS & more
  •  major moves of over 100% in stocks like BABA, RACE, SQ
And now he's focused on sharing some of his most profitable strategies to help you stay on the right side.
Your presentation last night was outstanding! You received rave reviews and more positive comments than I can ever remember. Thank you so much for sharing your research and creating "Right Side" disciples... Bob
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Orlando International Airport is a major public airport located six miles southeast of Orlando, Florida, United States. It is the second-busiest airport in the state of Florida, as over 40.2 million passengers were handled at the airport as of 2015. 
Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827
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*Being an international airport, you should be able to find many flight options.
  • Where should I stay?
There are many hotels and airbnb options nearby.  

The Workshop will be held at DoubleTreeOrlandoDowntown.com
Venue Address: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Orlando Downtown, 60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, Florida, 32804, USA  (suggested)

Here are some other suggestions:

Airbnb - Check out this link Downtown Orlando, FL airbnb - Anything in or near downtown Orlando, FL would work for you.
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The venue is 22 - 40 min (16.3 miles)  via S Semoran Blvd from the Orlando International Airport.  
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Dress comfortably! These workshops a classroom style setting. We encourage you to wear whatever will make you comfortable.
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  • What's the weather like in Orlando in February?
TEMPERATURE            16°C   61°F 
LOW TEMPERATURE    11°C    52°F 
RAINFALL                        82 MM 
RAINFALL DAYS             10 DAYS 
SEA TEMPERATURE      23°C   73°F

Temperature :  It's still quite cool in February, but warm enough to go swimming or enjoy Orlando's water parks. It's also a good time to go if you want to visit the theme parks as they aren't as crowded as in the peak summer period, and the weather isn't as humid. February is a popular time for golf as well, as you don't have to endure the severe heat experienced later in the year.  
February is characterised by gradually increasing daily high temperatures, with the average maximum daytime temperature generally around 23°C, which is roughly 7­3°F, whereas the average minimum temperature drops down to 11°C, or 52°F.