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The Right Side Platform


How we invest using the Right Side Platform - 2:05

Challenge with seasonality - 2:31

About Right Side Trading - 3:22

Stocks we invested in during 2020 using the platform - 5:44

The setup we discovered for when to buy and how to stay on the right side - 7:09

The stock market is not random, Jim Simons and identifying patterns - 7:44

Using hindsight to anticipate future price movements – 11:00

Identifying new trends with the Right Side Platform – 17:13

When to start buying using the Right Side Platform – 19:03

Staying on the right side of the trend until it ends – 21:47

Live analysis of SPY using the Right Side Platform – 23:53

How to use the Right Side Platform to gain a better edge with seasonality – 34:22

Analysis of GDX seasonality – 36:00

Analysis of FLWS seasonality – 45:03

Analysis of GPN seasonality – 51:42

Analysis of NOW seasonality – 54:21

Closing remarks – 55:40

Trading on the Right Side With Confidence


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