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Modern Candlesticks Advanced Course  $647

Learn the 7 most consistent and reliable Candlesticks in modern trading and investing that lets you know when a trend is beginning, ending in Real-Time, Not In Hindsight.

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Secrets To IPO Stocks That Double In Price $997

Discover the Unique Pattern that Winning IPO stocks display Before They "Double, Triple, Or More In Price" like FB, AMZN, TSLA, and more.

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Advanced Short Selling Secrets Course  $747

There are Topping Patterns Every Short Seller Needs To Know and we reveal them here. Learn how to spot and short market tops that turns into bearish trends or markets.

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Earnings Season Course  $797

Discover why earnings season is the one of the best times to Grow You Portfolio With Consistent Winning Trades and very little risk. This is a must for any serious investor.

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Advanced Seasonality Trading Course  $647

Every stock has a seasonal period when it rallies (1-800-Flowers [FLWS] in Feb due of Valentine's day). Learn how to tell when each stock's seasonal trend is ready to rally.

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Right Side Report for 6 Months  $1,074

The Right Side Report is a weekly publication that covers the major markets and stocks. Using technical analysis. Get actionable long/short ideas and major setups based on current market events.

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Right Side Platform for 6 Months     $2,202 

Use this platform to get access to our proprietary R.I.P.E. Model that uses quantitative and technical analysis to identify seasonal patterns in stocks as well as actionable Buy, Sell, Hold, and Place Stops signals.

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Monday Night Webinar for 12 Months  $2,148

Join us every week on Monday Nights at 8pm Eastern for an interactive webinar that analyzes current market direction and individual stocks using the Right Side Platform.

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