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Learn how to Short Sell Stocks that are ready

TO DROP 40% to 90% or MORE


In my Short Selling Secrets, you will learn how to identify the # 1 chart signal that warns of a stock getting ready to crash...BEFORE THE CRASH ACTUALLY HAPPENS. You will learn how to identify and tell when to Short Sell Stocks that are ready to drop 40% to 90% or more.

This very unique signal is frequently overlooked but it CLEARLY reveals the FINAL STAGES before THE BIG CRASH! This is the same signal that signaled the last stages of the market right before the Dot Com crash in 2003. It also appeared as a warning sign a few months right before the Financial market crash of 2008 began and the Pandemic Crash of 2020.

If you have ever heard of people referring to the market bubble or that a bubble is going to pop, well this is without question the best way to spot when that bubble is ready to pop. Too often you will find people talk about the bubble but they have no clue when it will or if the bubble they are all afraid of will actually pop. Now you don’t have to wonder or guess anymore.

With these Short Selling Secrets, you will know how to see the warning signs that tells you when the bubble actually pops. We have use this same signal to warn us right before the big drops in stocks such as Facebook, Apple, Nvidia, U.S. Oil, General Electric, and many more. Biggest takeaway, you will be able to confidently Identify and Prepare For The Next Market BUBBLE and Know When The Next Crash Is Beginning With ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY AND WITHOUT EVER GUESSING AGAIN.

​What You Will Learn in this Complete Short Selling Course:

> Detailed analysis of the pattern that most traders miss

> What you need to know to confirm the drop has began

> When to enter the trade to short

> How to tell which ones will work and which ones won't

> How to stay in the trade and manage the short


> Difference between when it tanks and when it doesn't

> When it is a warning sign and when it is screaming CRASH

> Best Indicators to use

> When to exit at the bottom

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