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Advanced Market Topping Patterns

In my Short Selling Secrets, you will learn how to identify the # 1 chart signal that warns of a stock getting ready to crash...BEFORE THE CRASH ACTUALLY HAPPENS. You will learn how to identify and tell when to Short Sell Stocks that are ready to drop 40% to 90% or more. This is how we were able to identify the market top back in January.

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The Right Side Platform uses Quantitative, Technical and Fundamental analysis to keep us on the Right Side.

It is the tool we used to identify and call the market top back in January, and you now can have the same tool at your fingertips.

The Right Side Report?

What's This All About?

 *The right side report is a weekly publication that covers the major markets and stocks. Using technical analysis to navigate what is going on in the markets, when to look for buying opportunities, exiting markets and managing trending markets. ​

This was the report (see image on the right side) that we sent out to our clients in January warning about the impending market crash. Pay attention to the highlighted sections in the report...

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We highlight major setups based on current market events, news and fundamentals that affect the price movement of stocks.

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