As I go through the process of FINDING, QUALIFYING, and SELECTING the NEXT BIG IPO STOCK to add to my PERSONAL PORTFOLIO as well as managing previous IPOs.
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Together with Wally, as your guide, you will learn how to find and manage stocks that are showing signs of the next BIG IPO and HOW YOU CAN PROFIT FROM IT.  
Have you ever heard someone you know, or maybe it was even you, say "I wish I bought Facebook, or Netflix, or Amazon when it first went public, now look at the stock, it has DOUBLED since it's IPO."  

What you are about to discover over the next 60 mins of this session is about to change the way you look at and trade IPOs FOREVER!!!  

This ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW discovery means that it is an original trading strategy and we are the first to reveal this to the trading world in May 2017

You won't find the information that we are about to reveal on any other website, video, book, podcast, speaker, article or anywhere else because this was developed from hours spent studying over 2,727 IPO stocks over the years 2000 - 2016. 
Here's the perfect solution if you want to find the next big IPO stock just like Amazon back In 1997 where a $1,000 investment back then will now be worth over $236,000 today.  

Similar things can be said for companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix and more.  But the problem is hindsight is 20/20.  
It is not uncommon to hear all about the great stocks but rarely ever hear about the ones that fail and flop.  This can leave  traders holding on to the losers.

Why did the stock of Facebook go up over 200% in price since it when public, but the stock of companies such as Twitter, Fit-Bit, and Groupon crashed 81%, 89% and 93% respectively. Find out how to pick the winners and dump the losers

It is hard enough for most investors and traders to pick the right stock.  This is why we created a very detailed and simple process that anyone can use to make sure that the odds of failure is very very slim.
Facebook Went Up 
Over 200% Since IPO
Twitter Crashed 
Over 80% Since IPO
Whether you're an expert investor or if this is your first time learning how to trade the stocks market. This new method of trading IPOs is going to be a real game changer
  • What if I am comfortable trading what I already know? 
  •  Others have mentioned that they are comfortable trading what they already know. But once they saw how this can add to their winning trades, they were glad they took the time to learn about this powerful IPO strategy.
  • Seasoned Stocks are already risky enough, why trade IPOs that are not seasoned? 
  •  Initially I thought IPOs were risky as well, but I always hated missing out on the ones that made it big such as FB, TSLA, AMZN, GOOGL, and NFLX. But now I discovered this unique pattern that winning IPO stocks have in common which separates them from the losers.
  • How long does it take for the stock to double? 
  •  It varies based on the stock but the chart will tell you EXACTLY when it is ready to move big.
  • I read in the example that if you bought in 1997 it will be worth a lot now. But that is 20 years...I don’t want to wait that long. 
  •  The point of that example was about finding and getting into winning IPOs at an early stage. And no it does not take 20 years to double, LOL. The stock mentioned in the example returned over 47,000% in the last 20 years. But I'll show you how to capture the first 100%.
  • Does this really work? Really? 
  •  You tell me...Here's a snapshot of a text message I sent to a friend after I bought Ferrari (RACE) using my IPO Stock Strategy. The first image is the text message I sent right after I bought the stock, the second image is an enhancement of the chart in the text. I bought it at $44.84 per share, and now it is over $80 per share (May 2017).
• Question: What are some of the hottest IPO stocks being talked about now? 
     a. Answer – GOOS, SNAP, TSLA, RACE, FIT
          Wally’s response – GOOS and SNAP indeed are new IPOs but they do not meet our major criteria that identify the IPOs that will double in                    price. At least not yet.
          TSLA and FIT are no longer an IPO stocks they have been well seasoned.
          RACE is off to the RACES

• Question: Should you short IPOs when the opportunity rises?
    a. Answer – Absolutely…but know which ones to short and exactly when to short them is crucial. I cover that in my BIG RED STRATEGY. This is not         to be confused with my other Shorting Techniques. I have two different videos that go into more details about shorting techniques. The first is           my Short Selling Secret using what I call the HILLTOP PATTERN, and the second is my SPINNING TOP PATTERN. Both have pinpointed market             tops superbly and made for some amazing shorting opportunities.

• Question: How do you know it [the IPO] will be loser though? it could reverse no?
    a. Answer – As long as the IPO does not meet the criteria discussed in the presentation, it will continue to be a loser and hence why so many lose           and consider IPOs risky. If you follow the guidelines outlined in the presentation, you will save yourself from the #1 mistake traders make with  IPO stocks. Could it reverse? Absolutely. I cover how to identify when the reversal is taking place. It is as obvious as I showed everyone in the               presentation.

• Question: If you bought Facebook after it met the criteria can you see how you would have enjoyed the returns on Facebook? Do you see what I                          am talking about?
    a. Answer – Multiple responses – Yes, Yes, WOW, Yes

• Question: Can work on penny stocks?
    a. Answer – Depends on whether the penny stock is an IPO or not. But yes, if the penny stock is an IPO, then yes it will work on penny stocks. This         is because it has nothing to do with the price but everything to do with the chart. So it doesn’t matter whether it is a $1 stock or a $400 stock.             As long as the chart pattern meets the criteria I outlined for you in the presentation, it will work.

• Question: How many of you guys would have been happy to buy NFLX with confidence [based on these criteria] when it was $1.46 [split adjusted]                        knowing that this stock just told you and gave you all the information you need that it is ready to go higher in price?
    a. Answer – Multiple Responses – #$%* Yeah, Very Happy, Good

• Question: How "old" can an IPO be?
    a. Answer: It can be as old as need be…as long as the criteria we discuss in the presentation has not been met

• Question: Remember what I said in my description. I said how to find the ones that will do what? What did I say it was going to do? Anybody?
    a. Answer – Multiple Response – Double, Double, Double, 2x in price.

• Question: How long did it take the stock of NFLX to double in price [once it met our criteria]
    a. Answer – 5 months.

• Question: Knowing this kind of information [about IPO stocks] can this change the way you look at [or trade] IPOs from now on?
    a. Answer – Multiple Response – WOW! Way good, definitely, to invest money where it could grow, VS waiting for nothing, definitely, any day.

• Question: What would people have been doing to the stock of QCOM when it went to that massive rally? And knowing what you now know, what                          would you do?
    a. Answer – Others would have begun to short immediately. Knowing what we know now, we would have seen that it met the criteria and held on                           for over 1,900% return in 10 months.
    b. Other responses – WOW!!! AMAZING!

• Question: So you are waiting for the end of the month to get in BABA? I'm getting excited? Yeah BABA
    a. Yes. We will evaluate everything based on all the criteria we need to see at month’s end.

• Question: but you wait until the end of the month? even when the downtrend has been broken?
    a. Answer: Yes, we only enter, exit and manage these trades at the end of the month. No need for doing anything except at the end of the month.                         That is the beauty of it all.

• Question: you mean to say you're never wrong once all is laid on the table?
    a. Answer: I’m saying that since I have started trading using this IPO Secret Strategy, I have not lost money on any of the trades I have taken                                   positions in with this strategy. Plus I also have proven trade managements that you will see and learn in the advanced courses that we                         offer. Keep in mind, trading is not only about finding good stocks, it is about time your entries, managing your trades and timing                                   you’re your exits as well. They are all like legs to a chair. You break one of these and your portfolio is at a risk of being hurt.

Comments about various examples showing IPO stocks that met the criteria we talk about right before the move higher: 
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• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:15 AM: do we get a synopsis of what we will learn?
   a. Answer: Yes, in our advanced IPO course, we cover everything from 
         How to differentiate the which stocks are going to consolidate before taking off vs. which ones will going to take off
         How to tell when the consolidation is nearing its end and especially when it is over.
         How to get in at the earliest possible time and also how to get in when all criteria has been met for the second chance entry
         You’ll learn all the indicators that gives you tremendous advantage of picking the winners
         You’ll learn how to scan for and find these stocks each and every month
         You’ll learn how to manage them and monitor their progress on a monthly basis.
         You’ll learn when to know it is time to exit the trade completely and cash in your profits.
         You will learn how to make money by shorting the IPO stocks that will yield huge returns

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:19 AM: will be able to pick your brains post the webinar and for how long?
    a. Yes, as long as you purchase the course or become one of my students in my coaching program. Keep in mind, I will not tell you what stock is             go or not unless you have shown me your analysis. It is your analysis that I will critique and help you with more than anything. Like someone             mentioned on the call, I’ll teach and help you to learn how to fish. But yes, I will be available post webinars to help for as long as needed.

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:30 AM: THANKS WALLY WHAT EMAIL I CAN CONTACT YOU WANT REALLY LEARN HOW TO FISH [FOR THESE IPO                                                                                 SECRETS]
    a. You can always contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:30 AM: Thank You for your time and education. Catch up with you again soon. Where is the link to register for                                                                                  the course?

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:32 AM: will it be at the special price?
    a. If we are talking about the advanced IPO, the special price expires 5 calendar days after viewing the presentation

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:33 AM: are you going to talk about the shorting of IPO too?
    a. Yes, I will cover the short of IPOs as well.

• Question (to Organizer(s) Only): 11:35 AM: how much will a comprehensive course cost? 
    a. Contact me via email for more information about this. I’ll be glad to answer that for you.

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